Fitwel Champions

Champions are early adopters of Fitwel’s innovative approach to health and wellness, and have committed to applying Fitwel’s design and operation strategies to all of a portion of their workplace portfolios. Fitwel Champions leverage the connection between design and policy strategies within buildings to impact occupant health. With evidence-based strategies and a simple, easy-to-use way to measure and track progress, Champions support the philosophy that a healthier workplace environment should be accessible for all.

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Solidifying its commitment to evidence-based, healthier workplace design, global architecture and design firm Perkins+Will  was the first company to pursue—with the intent to achieve—Fitwel certification for all of its North American offices. Perkins+Will has committed to certify all of their North American offices over the next two years.

Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.

Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc, is the first and only real estate investment trust (REIT) to be named “First-in-Class Fitwel Champion,” and is the first company to have received Fitwel certifications. To date, Alexandria has earned five Fitwel three-star ratings, demonstrating promotion of the highest levels of occupant health and wellness at four of its campuses.

Integral Group

Integral Group is a global engineering firm delivering green sustainable solutions to buildings and communities with a focus on health and wellness for our staff and clients. To that end, Integral consciously provides a nurturing working environment for its team, and has committed to applying Fitwel to four offices in three countries

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The CDC, a federal agency that protects the US from health, safety, and security threats, has applied Fitwel to Building 107, part of its Chamblee campus in Atlanta, and received a 3-star Fitwel rating – the top rating available. The CDC will remain Fitwel’s research and evaluation partner moving forward, ensuring that updated versions of the rating system remain true to the scientific evidence available.

EYP, Inc.

EYP, a global provider of high-performance building design, research, and consulting services, has committed to using Fitwel’s strategies as a guide for workplace design. EYP’s strong evidence-based design approach and commitment to Fitwel will assist in advancing health-promoting design for workplaces.

Menkes Developments Ltd

Menkes Developments Ltd is an award-winning, fully integrated real estate company involved in the construction, ownership and management of office, industrial and residential properties. As earlier adopters of Fitwel, Menkes will utilize the standard to implement improvements at its managed office buildings to help promote opportunities for occupants to improve their health and wellbeing.  

Hord Coplan Macht (HCM)

HCM an award-winning architecture firm that practices an integrated approach to design excellence with environmental sustainability, has committed to applying Fitwel to office spaces in Baltimore, MD, Denver, CO, and Alexandria, HCM’s commitment will elevate health as a priority within its offices and build capacity and knowledge among its staff.

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