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The Fitwel Certification System

Fitwel is a high-impact certification system supporting individual and community health through improvements to building design and operations.

Fitwel was created by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) together with the General Services Administration (GSA). The Center for Active Design (CfAD), an international not-for-profit organization, is the independent operator and third-party certifier of Fitwel.

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Register an individual or portfolio of buildings on the Fitwel Portal to apply the Fitwel Strategies, achieve certification, and access performance data.

The Fitwel Portal provides a user-friendly, and scalable solution to leveraging data, giving you faster access to sophisticated insights on performance and health impact.

Fitwel is currently available for use for companies who commit to becoming a Champion or individuals who become an Ambassador. Follow the links below for more information.

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Fitwel Champions

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What People are Saying

Bob Simpson

Vice President of Affordable & Green Financing, Fannie Mae

Fannie Mae believes that the manner in which affordable rental housing properties are designed and maintained creates a strong platform for healthier families and their surrounding neighborhoods. Fitwel’s healthy building certification system strengthens that platform by providing multifamily property owners and developers with the tools they need to create healthier places to live for our nation’s renter population.

Vincent R. Ciruzzi

chief development officer, Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc

Alexandria is proud to be recognized by Fitwel for our commitment to creating dynamic and collaborative environments that promote the health and efficiency of our tenants and enable them to develop innovative solutions that advance human health. Our leadership and regional teams are very supportive and enthusiastic about utilizing the tool in our campus development and operations to advance our goal of increasing employee health and wellness.

Jonathan Flaherty

Senior Director, Sustainability & Utilities, Tishman Speyer

Fitwel is an outstanding partner for Tishman Speyer as we prioritize the health and wellness of our tenants throughout our worldwide portfolio. We will apply Fitwel not just in the United States, but introduce it to the Chinese, Indian and European markets, making it a global strategic resource and roadmap to create healthier work environments.

Why Use Fitwel?

Building owners willing to pay more for healthy buildings

Market Demand

49% of building owners are willing to pay more for buildings demonstrated to have a positive impact on health.

There is significant and growing interest in real estate that responds to health factors. Companies that use Fitwel respond to the growing market demand for spaces designed to support healthier lifestyles.


Companies Practice Social Responsibility Reporting


Investors Own Impact Investments or are Interested

ESG Investing

Responsible investing is on the rise, with today’s investors increasingly looking to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance when making investment decisions.

Fitwel offers strategies for developing and maintaining optimum health-promoting environments, helping companies significantly boost their ESG scores. The Center for Active Design recently partnered with the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB), based largely on Fitwel’s ability to help companies advance their ESG performance.


Million buildings


Million occupants


There are currently more than 5.6 million commercial buildings and 18 million multi-family residences in the US, with 120 million employees and 34 million residents who live and work in these spaces.

Fitwel has a vision of impacting individual health within all buildings, regardless of budget, size, year built, or location.


Report ease of use


Understand how their buildings support health


97% of pilot study participants reported that the Fitwel Portal is easy to use and 84% reported that they better understand how their buildings support healthy behaviors.

Fitwel was tested by facility managers across the country on 89 existing buildings to ensure the system is practical and widely applicable. The Fitwel Portal includes all information necessary for completing the certification including comprehensive details about the public health rationale, impact, and the evidence.


Research Studies Reviewed


Years of Expert Input

Developed from Science

The Fitwel Strategies were developed by experts in public health, facility management, and design, and are supported by over 3,000 research studies reviewed by the CDC.

Each strategy is linked by scientific evidence to at least one of seven Health Impact Categories. Fitwel was also pilot tested nationally by GSA prior to its beta launch in 2017.

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