Fitwel Champion: Kilroy Realty Corporation
12100 and 12200 W Olympic Blvd Photo Credit: Kilroy Realty Corporation

How It Works

The Fitwel certification process is simple.

  1. First register a building or a portfolio of buildings on the Fitwel Portal.
  2. Complete the Fitwel Scorecard, and benchmark a project by receiving an immediate numerical score.
  3. Upload certification documentation and submit the project for a Fitwel review.
  4. After a review is completed, a Fitwel star rating is designated for the project.

The 2018 fees associated with individual projects seeking a Fitwel rating are as follows:

Registration Fee

Companies pay $500 for a project team to use the Fitwel Portal for one year, which includes access to Fitwel’s interactive scorecard, benchmarking capability, performance data, and a summary of the project’s areas of strength and areas of opportunity.

Certification Fee

Companies pay $6,000 to submit a project for Fitwel certification. With this fee, project teams upload documents required for certification, and submit the project for a review and Fitwel Star Rating as is applicable to the project.

* Companies applying Fitwel in a minimum of 6 projects may contact us for a reduced rate.

Photo Courtesy of Menkes Development Ltd.

Fitwel Champions

Fitwel Champions are companies that have committed to advancing health and apply Fitwel at scale. With evidence-based strategies and an easy-to-use method of measuring and tracking progress, Champions support the philosophy that a healthier environment should be accessible for all.

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The Fitwel Portal

The Fitwel Portal is where project teams advance through the certification process in a single user-friendly, digital interface.

Take a look at the video below to see highlights of the Fitwel Portal, which include:

Company access to performance data across a portfolio and for a single project

Team access to an efficient, user-friendly, and collaborative certification process

Snapshot view of a portfolio performance and status

Set user permissions based on organizational structure and communicate with the Fitwel Team during the certification review process